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5th event in Slovenia – well done!

  On the 7th and 8th of December 2018, the last debate of the project 'Small municipalities against euroscepticism was held in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Gathering over 100 participants, the event hosted lots of discussions, exchanges of experience and socializing on the international level. On the first day, the audience was greeted by Mr. Boštjan Groebler, [...]

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Results and preparations for Slovenia

With great happiness, we present the results of the Macedonian debate. It was a very significant debate, covering the whole topic of reason for euroscepticism. Gathering them through 3 debates (Portugal, Romania and Macedonia), they will be all summed up together. Take a look at a small preview of this interesting topic:   Furthermore, as [...]

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4th event in Macedonia – successfully finished!

On the 19th and 20th of September the third debate 'Through another point of view' of the SMUG EU project was held in Macedonia.   On the 18th, the delegations from 9 countries gathered in the town of Krushevo. The next day the official program began. After the initial greetings held by Kosta Mickoski - main [...]

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Personal citizen experience

Sharing a personal story of a small agricultural producer :) ____________________________________________________________ From my point of view, I will share the experience I had with EU funding and measures that develop a better rural community. For me, as a small agricultural producer, the measure 6.3.1. was interesting. It finances investments in developing small agricultural production. I applied [...]

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Project results updated

Results of the event in Romania are published! Together with the results from the Portuguese debate and special sections, we gathered very important and valuable information on the Euroscepticism issue. This events, together with the one in Macedonia, will show a clear perspective on the reasons why euroscepticism manifests. Furthermore,  the last debate in Slovenia will [...]

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4th event in Macedonia – ready to go!

The 4th event in Macedonia is soon to come! After the successful debate in Romania, we will step further into the eurosceptic causes and impacts. Furthermore, this event will host the majority of non-EU citizens. Let's see how their thoughts differ, if they do. Afther this event, an overview will be made on the findings so [...]

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3rd event in Romania – done!

On the 6th and 7th of June the public debate: 'Let the young be heard' was held in Bistrita, Romania. This debate hosted up to 100 participants, majority of countries that joined the EU after the year 2000. On the first day, an interesting presentation was held by Mrs. Monica Muresan – General Secretary of the [...]

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Positive experiences with the youth (Romania)

As our next event in Romania is coming very soon, we share with you a special story on engaging youth. On the 3rd project debate we will hear more success stories of associations in Bistrita.   RECYCLING FOR THE COMMUNITY AN ERASMUS+, KA1 STORY   The story of the ERASMUS+ Recycling for the community project started [...]

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3rd event in Romania: coming soon!

Preparations for the 3rd event in Bistrita (Romania) are on the run. The event will be held on the 6th and 7th of June 2018. With an interesting and engaging program, everyone gathered will take part in the discussions foreseen. Through the 2 days, the perception on citizens towards the EU will be analized. Also, positive [...]

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First results published

The official results of the second debate in Portugal are published. Together with the information from our first gathering in Croatia, we were able to come across some interesting findings. What people think about the EU and how does euroscepticism evolve? Take a look at the 3 world debates that covered some interesting topics: [...]

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