Experiences: Youth in Serbia

Going back to the youth, we are introducing new points of view on the European Union. This time, project partners from Serbia prepared a list of positive and negative effects the EU has on young people.


As positive sides of the European Union, they pointed out the following:

  • Investment in education and that the students can practice at various European universities as well as various types of volunteering in camps.
  • Young people now can travel without visas.
  • Investment in various cultural events


Through the event in Portugal, young people continuously pointed out the ERASMUS + programme as a set of great opportunities. Thus, further investment in this programme is highly welcomed.


 As negative sides of the European Union, they pointed out:

  • Young people are increasingly leaving Serbia and going to work in the EU.
  • They go to study in European countries where they have established their families and remain there.


This ‘negative sides’ are more to be from the community’s point of view – when the country is loosing people, the ‘young hope’.

As for young people, working and living in another country doesn’t have to be something negative. It is a valuable experience. And, to point out: if young people have greater opportunities abroad, while would they stay at home?


Is ‘the leaving youth’ really a problem? Or an improvement of the whole ‘well-being’ concept?

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