Last event in Croatia successfully finished!

On the 8th and 9th of March the last event of the SMUG EU project “Spread the word” was held in Novi Marof, Croatia.

Partners from all 9 countries gathered to summarize and present the results gathered through this joint cooperation. Over 100 participants gathered on the last event, while the whole SMUG EU project hosted around 500 people through one year and a half.

On the first day of the event, participants were greeted by the president of the Local action group Prigorje-Zagorje, Ms Nevenka Benjak. She wished them a fruitful discussion and session with the youth that was coming for a visit.

Through the discussion, participants were able to identify the remaining ideas concerning euroscepticism and completed project results with guidelines for the EU. The whole point concerning euroscepticism centers around the fact how the EU is strong, but as a political concept. There is not enough effort from the politics to bring EU closer to people. On the other side, there is also the lack of involvement from citizens in democratic processes. Both sides should put more effort into cooperating.

Besides the main results, concrete ideas were given on how to foster eurooptimism. Through media campaigns, events on cultural differences, education, tolerance and solidarity.

Later, a group of high school students joined the adults and got to hear positive sides of EU membership. The youth is the key to ensuring a positive future in our societies.

Later, in the afternoon, the last project management meeting was held and tasks were set for the upcoming dissemination of SMUG EU results.

On the second day, besides the LAG president, the audience was welcomed also by Siniša Jenkač, the major of Novi Marof. In addition, three guests presented examples of good practices in the EU field: Dario Žmegač from the association Youth for Marof, Zoran Hegedić from the municipality of Breznički Hum and Željka Markulin from Croatia’s Europe for citizens contact point.

The special part, presentation of SMUG EU project results, was held by the project manager Jasmina Bočkaj.

Together with the presentations, a short group discussion was held on the theme. The press visited the conference in order to spread the word to the region.


For futher info about project results, stay tuned for the upcoming paper that will be released. As a finish, this paper will be sent to EU representatives in our local communities. For photos of the event, visit our photogallery.

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  1. Luis Goncalves 1. April 2019. at 11:14 - Reply

    While there are abysmal differences in wages, benefits and pensions, and as long as corruption is not effectively detected and punished effectively, ordinary people feel that institutions like the EU are exclusive clubs to elites. The result is the preference for “popular order prophets”.

    • LAG Admin 4. April 2019. at 10:18 - Reply

      Indeed, Luis. Corruption has a very negative influence on the community. While wages and benefits can balance through time, it is hard to expect that corruption will be put under control. Let’s hope so…
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!

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