Our experience story – Bulgaria

United we stand strong… to overcome hardship or enjoy the good time!

This is the headline that describes best our experience in the SMUG EU project. During a year and a half we joined together to try understand the roots of euroscpeticism, but the more time all of us (people from 9 different European countries) spent together, the harder it became to comprehend with its concept. We found ourselves enjoying to be together, revelling to discover our differences and likenesses, being eager to learn more about the culture, traditions, language, lifestyle and problems.

The SMUG EU has been truly a project that describes the Programme “Europe for citizens” and fits well with the Programme objectives. During the 6 events we looked for solutions for many of the common challenges for the small municipalities across Europe. The composition of project partners including representatives from the old EU members, the newish and the future ones, was the key for the success of the project outcome. Being able to hear the voice of people from different backgrounds yet united in their view for the future, gave us hope for the positive development of the European Union and that the most important of its goals was achieved – to be guarantee for peace and prosperity.

During the time of the project, Europe had to overcome Brexit – a large political crisis caused by Euroscepticism with dramatic consequences. The lesson it taught us was again – “United we stand strong” – but once we learn to like and appreciate each other. This is why projects like SMUG EU are so important for the future of EU. Bringing people together especially from small municipalities like Kameno to build capacity, connect, share experience and open wider for opportunities – what a better way to fight off euroscepticism.

Thank you all for making it possible and we hope to see you soon in Bulgaria!

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