Our experience story – Hungary

Participant’s view:


On behalf of citizens of Sopronkövesd I’m glad to say that this project was a great experience for us since we could share our ideas and views about euroscepticism and also make some connections from several other municipalities. Also it goes without saying that we had a great time on every occasion.

This project was a great opportunity for all of us participating since we could all discuss what we think about the EU and to see what other participants think about it or even what economic or social circumstances they have in their countries. We could agree that this project was a great experience not only for us as a municipality but for us as individuals.

As a person I could say I only learned about euroscepticism throughout this project considering I was 18 years old when I participated and befor that I took being an EU citizen for granted since Hungary was the part of the EU since I was 3 but now I have learned that countries who are yet to join the EU are concerned about a few aspects so this project was a very good way to spread some knowledge to people who are not EU citizens and also people who didn’t know about euroscepticism.

On every occasion we got to know the culture of each country better since not only there were interesting workshops but there were several cultural themed activities as well. Unfortunately I could only participate in the last event but I fell fortunate that I were there since I got to know the culture and the topography of Croatia better.

In conclusion I believe that the project was successful since we have found a solution and we have made some great connections with each other. I feel honored to be a part of this project and I feel like the project not just successfully taken a step towards ending euroscepticism but also brought the participants together.

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