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It was a great experience for Bistrița municipality to be part, as partner, in the “Small Municipalities against Euroscepticism” project; a project that provided a lot of opportunities for the citizens from different European countries so, also for Bistrița’s citizens, to meet, share ideas and best practices.

The implication of young people and representatives of Youth associations in this project gave us the chance to find out more about their vision of the Europe future and their opinions related to the EU policies making process.

We learned a lot about: other countries experiences within the EU and the expectations and fears that the non-members countries face before starting the process of joining the EU, about  European policies, the values promoted by the EU, the main achievements and the benefits of being part of the Union.

“SMUG- EU” project gave us the impulse to think a little bit “outside the box” and to realize that we – as EU countries, but also as EU citizens – are stronger together than apart and that standing together we can find the best solution to any kind of challenges that the EU faces, including Euroscepticism.


Legal representative of a youth NGO („Youth for Community Association”)

I was a local partner of Bistrita Town Hall and I had the opportunity to take part in several events organised during the SMUG Project. More precisely, I took part in the first and last events organised in Croatia, in the event organised in Portugal and of course, in the event organised in Bistrita, Romania. Thus, I was both host and participant, and I must mention that all the events were amazing opportunities of sharing knowledge and experience, of meeting new partners and of building a more united Europe.

First of all, I learnt to appreciate more the advantages of being a European citizen of a member state of the European Union. Moreover, I learnt to listen to other opinions and respect them, but keep and support my own ideas and thoughts.

It was a great opportunity of learning and sharing, of meeting new people and of creating new friendships and new partnerships.


Representative of Interract Association Bistrița

The opportunity to be part of the project SMUG EU held in Krushevo, Macedonia, was an incredible experience that gave me a better understanding of how this world develops from political perspectives.

As a Romanian participant I enjoyed visiting a Balkan country since I discovered that Macedonian and Romanian people have a lot of things in

common and I was also able to interact with intellectual and very open-minded people from other project partner countries. I shared my opinion about the positive and negative aspects of a EU country with my colleagues and I realized that even though everyone has different views about what is better to be done, we all want to make a change and do the best we can to support the well-being of society. Moreover, I took part in the voting-simulation where I had the chance to express my opinion about the entrance of Republic of Macedonia in EU. This helped me realize how important is for a nation to fight for its rights and well-being.

All in all, my experience as a participant in this project gave me the chance to broaden my knowledge in the area of political issues and it made me aware of my responsibilities as a European citizen.

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