Our experience in the project!

Adding to this amazing cooperation, partners and their participants made a quick overview of their experience in the SMUG EU project. What is it they learned? What is it they will remember as very special?

Here are their thoughts….first comes LATVIA.


Teacher of  Dagdas  Secondary  school  

“International understanding is one of my outcomes in this project. I find myself highly interested in people who speak diffferent language, want to know about they are like and how they like. I realise that what Latvians do know from different small  municipalities representatives think for or against  Euroscepticism.

This kind of information is based on stereotypes acquired in the media. This project was an opportunity to have an access to individuals who are native speakers and who know a great deal about the topic. It develops tolerance for those whose values, attitudes and believes are different.

With no hesitation the project will make partners’ international contact be grown into long-lasting partnership.”


Student  of  Dagdas  secondary school 

“Together with the leaders of Dagda County Youth Centers and County Council deputies, Sandra Viškure was a great opportunity to get acquainted with informal education in Romania, Bistrica.

As part of the project, we visit the youth center of Bistrica and looked at the opportunities it offered to local youth. More emphasis is placed on the possibility of further study subjects. The design of the premises is businesslike and ascetic. But all the activities take place like us, for free.

Bistrica’s youth are very active in the field of charity. This is evidenced by several associations and organizations. Their representatives were invited to a meeting with the participants of the SMUG project and were fascinated by the events organized for both large and small. In a free atmosphere, we were questioned and we shared our youth movement, so many opportunities for our young people to spend their free time in Dagda.

Of course, traveling is always good and pleasant, but returning to your home, country and town is so cool! When large mountains disappear, rivers and lakes appear, even air and people are strange in their native place. At home expect family. Appear the greater and stronger love for this all!”


Another participant

“Lately, computers have filled our lives and now they are almost in each family. With the help of computers, the Internet has entered our life. It became an integral part of the life of each person. Now people cannot live a day without sending mail and checking their favorite websites. The Internet isn’t only the assistant in daily work, it is also the other world where our mailboxes, libraries, photo galleries exist.

Thanks to this project, we have had the opportunity to make a lot of new ideas about how to develop our city and country. During the discussions, the participants exchanged their thoughts, shared their experiences. New knowledge is very valuable because it has practical uses that work. As has already been mentioned, the Internet also plays a major role. More people surf the Internet in their free time, where they expand their purview, especially young people. It is a young generation that forms our future, a great pity when they leave their homes, believing that there is a better life outside the borders of the motherland. That’s why we started using social networks more widely to promote our small town. Announce events, projects and new opportunities for citizens.

So, the most fundamental issue the local government has been worried about over the past 5 years;“ population decline”. Participating in the project revealed the main steps of tackling the problem:

–    Provide job places;

–    Clearly given information in online

–    Open-mindedness and support for citizens who wont to start their own small business,etc.

Undoubtedly, conferences took place in a pleasant atmosphere with interesting, educated and nice people. In addition, participants could get to know new tongues, their culture. It is really great that people have the opportunity to participate in that kind of projects.

By sharing experience, advice and seeing how much has been done, we can learn from both the mistakes made and from the experience that has been successful.”

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