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Sharing a personal story of a small agricultural producer 🙂


From my point of view, I will share the experience I had with EU funding and measures that develop a better rural community. For me, as a small agricultural producer, the measure 6.3.1. was interesting. It finances investments in developing small agricultural production. I applied and passed. The investment includes a new vineyard plantation, reconstruction, buying a new machine and tractor. I’m currently in the phase of buying the vineyard plants for which I received an advance in 50%.


As a small producer who wants to produce something in the village and this way earn something, such support is very crucial because it allowed me a good beginning to start these activities. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be able to start my business. The funding I received is especially for the defined purposes and can’t be used for something else. As today are less and less people to stay in the rural area and work there, such funding is helpful in attracting young people to live and work in the rural area. But, this is only one measure and my personal experience. I have to point out how there are other measures and funding possibilities, for non-agricultural activities, etc. So, my conclusion is that you can succeed in the rural, too. The main thing you need is the right motivation for work and prosperity.

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