The project is a lasting multilateral cooperation. 6 events will be organized – with 4 public debates. The events will be in Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Macedonia and Croatia.

The approximate debate program has special aims:

1. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: Firstly, gather citizens and let them express their opinions, concerns and expectations on the European Union. The goals of this section is to find out how euroscepticism manifests (through criticism, phobia) and types of eurosceptics, reasons for its development and dangers.

2. SMUG FOR EU: Secondly, volunteers (mostly the young) will present examples of good practice, demonstrate the benefits of EU policies and funding possibilities which can improve the standard of living in local and national areas.

3. EU POSITIVE: Finally, conclusions will be made on the results of every debate. Guidelines will be made at the end of the project for institutions on local, regional, national and EU level. Also, a network will be established between partners to exchange examples of good practice in volunteering organizations and other institutions.