Finally, the updated results from Macedonia! Waiting eagerly for the last debate in Slovenia to close the circle of our debates and summarize all results we gathered in this project.  🙂


Following the trend, we also asked participants from the Macedonian event to share their thoughts. In the next videos, you can see how much they enjoyed this event.


Take a look at the final summary of the event in Romania plus plans for future. We are half way done with the project and gathered many interesting findings so far 🙂


On the event in Romania, we asked participants to reflect upon the debates that were held. They had very positive thoughts about this projects and stated how beneficial they are for people:


3rd event’s special section: “They ask – we answer” where youngsters from Romania asked adults about their thoughts on the EU. Very interesting to see:


What can the EU do for my place? We asked people, take a look at their responses:


Resuts from the 3 World debates which were held on the second debate in Portugal. Don’t miss it out!


Best-off from second event on the run! Video is out! 🙂


Take a look at the highlights from our first event and find out more about our project: