11th and 12th of November 2017

Official project opening with press conference.
All partners conducted a survey on their local area before the event. Results were presented and a group discussion took place.

Together with local and international representatives, 2 important quests joined: professor Nebojša Blanuša from the Faculty of Political Science Zagreb and Croatia’s member in the European Parliament Ivana Maletić.

Croatia, LAG PRIZAG (Novi Marof)

28th of February and 1st of March 2018

On this event the first debate on euroscepticism was held. It was the first time people debated on the factors that cause scepticism and challenges that have to be dealt with it. Participants of the debate visited EU funded institutions and saw great potential of the area.

The debate hosted a special guest: Margarida Marques, Member of the Portuguese Parliament

Portugal, Municipality of Torres Novas

6th and 7th of June 2018

This event shifted the focus to partner counties that joined the EU after 2000. A great debate was held on the theme: “European Union – a people’s community?” where the audience split into 2 groups, eurosceptics and eurooptimists. Following the results, a visit to the town of Bistrita was organized, focusing on EU objectives. Also, a presentation of youth NGO’s was held, which was very positively received by the participants.

2 important guests joined the debate: Mrs. Monica Muresan – General Secretary of the Chamber of Trade and Industry of Bistrita – Nasaud county and PhD Professor Mr. Mircea Maniu.

Romania, Municipality of Bistrita

19th and 20th of September 2018

This event focused on countries that are still in the process of joining the EU – how does euroscepticism manifest there? On this debate the reasons and eurosceptic factors were brought to a higher level. Together with the results of previous debates, the updated form of these closed this part of the project.

So, for the goal in the last debate in Slovenia, it was set to gather ideas on improvement (how to share a positive attitude towards EU?). The event was held in Krusevo and Ohrid, together with presentation of current and past EU related projects.

Macedonia, Municipality of Krivogashtani (places: Krusevo and Ohrid)

7th and 8th of December 2018

All different points of view in one place. We summarized all conclusions from previous events. Defined were factors that cause euroscepticism and how it influences the community. Also, ideas were given on how this situation can be improved and a special campaign was established for fostering eurooptimism. Together with guests and their lectures, good examples of practices were presented.

Dr. Milan Brglez, former President of the Slovenian Parliament joined the event, as well as other important guests.

Slovenia, Municipality of Novo Mesto

8th and 9th March 2019

We went back to Croatia to sum up the results and present them. Everything we learned was formed into conclusions and guidelines for the community. The youth was invited to receive valuable knowledge for passing on EU’s heritage. A press conference took place with a closing ceremony.

In addition, three special guests presented examples of good practices in the EU field: Dario Žmegač from the association Youth for Marof, Zoran Hegedić from the municipality of Breznički Hum and Željka Markulin from the contact point Europe for Citizens.

Croatia, Local action group ‘Prigorje-Zagorje’ (City of Novi Marof)