SMUG EU – successful project end

With the end of March, our project ‘Small municipalities against euroscepticism’ has finished with all core activities. During this 19 month cooperation, 500 people gathered on international events and expressed their opinions on the European union.

It is important to note how diverse the thoughts of people are. Some are positive, others negative, but all being expressed from a unique point of view. Besides outside factors that cause euroscepticism, there are other circumstances like the community we grew up in, things we were told from the childhood and our own nature (pesimistic or optimistic person).

With this project we were able to tap into the mind of people and see what their thoughts are. At the end, despite the diversity, opinions started to repeat and gave us the opportunity to identify the main reasons for euroscepticism and ideas to fight it.

Now, with all events being finished, the results we gathered are being spread through our small municipalities. And bigger ones, too. At the end, our voice has been heard.

To give you an overview of our activities, we prepared a summary. The official project report will be published soon as a brochure and sent to important people (members of the EU parliament and other authorities). Stay tuned for official results and follow us on our social media. More videos and participant reflections to come! 🙂


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